Sibling pedigree of:
BadZ's Mr Perfect (M) , 2013.10.10, b/o: VaWz/VaWz, 0.00%, ba eubk x
BadZ's Mr Perfect (M)
ba eubk x

BadZ's The One and Only (M)
s/ba eubk

BadZ's Mr Feels so Right (M)
ag eubk mm x

BadZ's Sexy Lady (F)
ag eubk mm x

BadZ's Sweetest Perfect (F)
ag eubk
BadZ's The Riddle
mo ci x
Zickan's Lustgas
ag x
Knockouts Reise Reise
2009.03.09, 0521/09, ci x
Zickan's Snarkande Mardröm
2010.03.31, ag eubk
RCT Zimt
ci ambk hs
RCT Mickey
2010.08.25, bl ag bk
RCT Suzy
2010.07.15, mi var
Ronja Rövardotter
ag hd